Food As Nourishment Classes

In The Sacred Kitchen, conscious cooking works on many levels:   nurturing our physical bodies, stimulating our minds and sustaining our spirits.  Our Food As Nourishment classes are a great way to enhance existing kitchen skills and acquire new ways of cooking food to nourish all aspects of the person.

In our cooking classes, we learn to use familiar and new ingredients to create nourishing dishes, while making new friends in a community of like-minded cooks and aspiring chefs.

Sample topics in our Food As Nourishment Series:

  • Essential Kitchen Skills & Alternative Ingredients
  • Introduction to Digestive Health & Fermentation Basics
  • Culinary and Therapeutic Herbs & Spices
  • Introductory Pantry Rehab
  • Stocks & Soups
  • Beans & Greens
  • Grain Techniques
  • Sea Vegetables
  • Basic Fermentation Techniques
  • Advance Fermentation
  • Savory Baking
  • Alternative Ingredients
  • Sauces & Dressings
  • Salads & Appetizers
  • Sprouting
  • Health-Supportive Desserts