Consultations:  Foods for Wellness, Healing and Transition Back to Health

Are you interested in learning more about healthy food that cares for specific health conditions, dietary requirements, allergy relief or food intolerances?  

Are you going through challenging medical treatments like chemotherapy and are facing side effects such as difficulty in swallowing, changed sense of taste, suppressed appetite and nausea?

Do you need nutrient-dense, easily digestible food to help in your transition back to wellness?

 At The Sacred Kitchen, we help you with all of these challenges by enabling you to make simple changes in the way you cook and eat.  We translate what your body needs and craves into a specific program of foods to help achieve your individual balance during the healing process and the transition back to wellness.

We design menus based on whole foods and fresh ingredients to suit your needs and support you in your healing. We believe food is a tool both to prevent illness and promote wellness.