I cooked my first batch of pancakes at the age of six. I may have forgotten a few key ingredients and forced my dad to eat the gloppy mess, but with that first cooking adventure, I was hooked.  From that day, I have found the kitchen to be my creative space.

I graduated as a Natural Chef at the Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts (Berkeley, California) in April 2013.  I then completed a number of culinary internships in the US until the end of the year.  As part of my commitment to my professional development, every year I participate in events such as the Food As Medicine conference and additional training to expand my skills and knowledge as a therapeutic chef.

In 2014 I returned to Dubai --where I was born and raised-- to establish The Sacred Kitchen so that I could bring all that I have learned about Food As Medicine and Food As Nourishment to the place I grew up.  Growing up in Dubai and travelling extensively in my previous career, I’ve been immersed in a rich mix of food traditions, religions and cultures. Living and working in such a multicultural environment has shown me that there are many wonderful ways to cook creatively and live healthfully.

For me, food represents much more than simply “sustenance,” but rather encompasses the whole range of physical, emotional and mental nourishment.  Food creates a connection to family, friends and community through special celebrations as well as daily gatherings. Done correctly, food is a powerful channel for healing the body and, indeed, the whole person.

I still feel like the happy six-year-old on my cooking adventure in The Sacred Kitchen.  The difference now is that I’ve progressed from making gloppy pancakes that only a dad could love to creating delicious dishes that anyone can enjoy.